A beautiful day.

September is a crazy month and always has been. It got a bit crazier when I split with my ex a couple of years ago too but last weekend it got crazy in the best way possible. My BFF got married…and it was bloody wonderful!!!

Yes, there were stresses before (let’s not even mention the dress and how many times it was picked apart and put back together again). Yes, there was the obligatory argument between the bride and groom the night before the wedding over something that wasn’t that awful but could have hypothetically ruined the entire day and yes, there were aching legs the night before after preparing the castle (yes, you heard right) for the big day. I bet medieval women had buns of steel with all those cobbles and spiral staircases to go up and down!  

the boys looking industrious
But when Saturday came, a calm descended and everything was just beautiful. The bride looked more than beautiful, the groom looked beautiful in his blue suit, the castle looked beautiful with the sun shining on it on, what can only be described as a perfect autumnal day. Charlotte was a flower girl and wore most of what she was meant to and I was bridesmaid in a gorgeous teal gown with hair and make up done by a miracle worker/hair and make up artist.  

feeling pretty , scuse the sneak peek of a bra!
Yes, Charlotte had a couple of meltdowns during the day but apparently everyone ignored those and said she was well behaved. Yes, I spilt something down my dress but that was after the photos so it was fine-ish. Yes, there were times when I felt lonely and like the only single person there (I wasn’t – quite) but it also reminded me just how much I believe in marriage and that, just because my first didn’t work out, doesn’t automatically mean that if there were to be a second, that would fail too. 

It also reminded me just how much I love my best friend and how much I miss her now we don’t live close. Four days in her company felt like a lifetime and both of us were sad to say goodbye. She shouldn’t have been as she was oFf on her mini-moon! I was heading back home to finally pack up my flat and put up curtain poles as its my moving in weekend next! Eeek!

So to Rachel and Chris, your wedding was a fairytale for all of us and I look forward to being part of your happy ever after. Xxx  


IMG_3456.JPGI’m writing this whilst sitting on some lush green grass in my nearby park whilst throwing the ball for the dog who has finally learnt to bring it back to me rather than leave it three yards away from me. It’s only taken seven years!

I’m listening to Taylor Swift (because I’m cool like that) and the sun is shining with a gentle breeze blowing across me.

I have a day off, Charlotte is at nursery and it is bliss.

Do I feel bad that I’m not spending my day off with my daughter? A little, but sometimes I need this. I just need some quiet time to retain the precarious balancing act that is my life.

It is also not going to be a quiet weekend as it’s my BFFs hen do. Devon on the first weekend that school break up should make for a ‘fun’ trip down south but I cannot wait to send off Rachel’s single days in style! Maybe this time I’ll even get the hang of surfing!

So grass skirt, sun cream, lewd stories and lots of booze here we come!


I just popped out for a bit…

Well that was odd, I went a bit quiet for a bit. I either had writers block or too many things to write about and no time to write it. No time where I could just catch up. But now I shall, and what a couple of weeks it has been. Don’t worry, actually nothing horrendous has happened! In fact, if I was to measure it, it has been one of the much better couple of weeks in a very, very long time. There have been some odd moments too but it wouldn’t be my life it wasn’t punctuated with slightly bizarre things happening intermittently…

The good/amazing bits
🔸I applied for a new job and actually bloody got it! Different team, same building, more money – awesome!
🔸My brother and (now) wife got married and it was wonderful – Charlotte and I were bridesmaids and everything about the day was beautiful.

🔸I fit into my bridesmaid dress (granted there was Spanx involved but that’s not cheating, right?)
🔸My best friend found her wedding dress, and it’s gorgeous.
🔸My daughter has generally been going to bed at a reasonable time and sleeping through the night. Still in my bed for the majority but still bloody amazing! Jennie Harrison Sleep Deprived Mums Coach is a goddess!

🔸My parents suggested an amazing opportunity so I can finally move us into a house with some outdoor space.
🔸I have managed to empty my ironing basket (I would say sometimes it’s just the little things, but this pile was big)
🔸An old friend got in touch and I’m really glad he did.

The downright bizarre bits
🔹The interview for my job was over and done in 20 minutes. I thought it had gone quite well but after looking at the clock I thought I’d fluffed it! What can I say, it’s quality rather than quantity I guess.
🔹Four days before the wedding we found out that my mum (the mother of the groom) and the mother of the bride had bought EXACTLY the same dress. They are different shapes, they are different sizes and they live 90 miles apart but apparently the green dress with navy flowers had such a pull that both thought that was the dress for them. Cue frantic dress shopping two days before wedding. To be honest I think the second dress my mum got was 100% better but it was all a little tense for a while there.
🔹The photographer who shot (is that right?) my brothers wedding was EXACTLY the same photographer that shot my wedding. Slightly awkward but again, different people, different county but luckily still a lovely lady and some amazing photos!

So I’m starting to think that (if we discount all of January) 2015 rocks so far! I have so much to look forward to this year and it seems to be getting better by the week. Either that or I am learning a new, better way to deal with the crap times and not let them take over and spoil the good times. This is probably more true as I’ve just remembered that in these past weeks I have sprained my ankle, run out of petrol on a motorway and had yet another frustrating run in with my parents. But the sprain didn’t bruise and I recovered quickly and I realised how amazing my friends are in a crisis. (even the most unexpected ones). Whatever it is I hope it sticks around because I’m loving the feeling of hope that it all will get better…much, much better.

I hope you haven’t missed me too much and I hope you all had a great couple of weeks too. I shall leave you with my new mantra for life…



Today is my best friends birthday. I know that term sounds a bit juvenile but it is the only way I could ever possibly describe her. We worked out not long ago that we have known each other for 17 years. Frizzy hair, glasses, Spice Girl platform trainers, shiny Warehouse tops, braces, track suit bottoms with poppers down the side…we were a gorgeous pair (and luckily have no photos of this era!) Thankfully we have developed and blossomed during those 17 years!

We have been through exams, holidays, evil parents, crushes (of which we collectively had many, but never the same person), first loves, first *ahem* other things, my first day at uni after my boyfriend had split up with me the day before and first escapades abroad.
She was the first person I called when I got engaged. She was my one and only bridesmaid at my wedding because that was all I needed. She drove to and from her home, one and half hours away, the day I had given birth to Charlotte so she could see her before she went away for a few weeks. She was also the first person I called when I finally made the decision I couldn’t be with my ex any longer and she dropped everything so she could be with me. She didn’t even get embarrassed when I poured out my heart and cried in a pub that weekend.

We can talk about pretty much everything, although I’m rubbish at telling anyone what I’m feeling (ironic as I write a blog and happily spill the beans to all you guys!). And despite the many dubious decisions I have made over our time as best friends – mostly boy or fashion related – she has never said “I told you so” (even though she did), she has just offered a sympathetic ear, an escape route, a brilliant perspective on the situation or if all else fails…wine and cheese.

She is getting married this year and I absolutely, positively can’t wait to be at her side (or slightly behind her) as I get to be her bridesmaid and, if and when, babies come along I hope they love me as much as I know Charlotte loves her.


Happy birthday Rachel. Thank you for everything and here’s to a lifetime of dubious decisions, sleepovers and loads and loads of wine and cheese. Xxx

What lurks beneath…

Well I got most if the way through my decorating project, although despite being able to move my wardrobe out from the wall (eventually), I can now not move it back. I keep finding spots of paints on my person and feel like I’m high from the fumes when I walk into the room because it’s too cold to have the windows open all the time (stupidly I didn’t choose one of the low fumes brands).


But despite the fact it’s not quite done I’m proud of myself for getting on and doing it. I am one if the biggest procrastinators I know so getting started was a challenge. It is also lovely to have a bedroom that feels like it is mine and has no history. It is fresh and bright which is how I’m starting to feel again.

Obviously, before the painting comes the big sort out has to happen which has been cathartic in itself but I have come across so much stuff that I have no idea what to do with. What is the protocol when it comes to canvases of your wedding pictures that you used to have over your bed? Do you chuck it? Do you hide it away? Do you ask if your ex wants it? All of these options feel weird. It’s not like it’s ever going to be displayed again but tossing it in the trash seems harsh in someway. A photo album of wedding pics can easily be stashed on a book shelf only to be looked at periodically but an A3 size canvas??

I have also come across and amazing selection of crap from under my bed and a wide selection of make up and hair accessories I had forgotten I had! I’m not going to mention the dust behind the bed or someone will dob me into Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners and I’ll have some crazy, neurotic bleach freak knocking on my door. Everything in moderation I say…and on that note I think I deserve a glass if wine! Cheers!