Sweet dreams?

IMG_2410.JPGI have realised that the past three years and four months have – pretty much – been dictated by Charlotte’s sleep or lack there of. That seems absolutely crazy doesn’t it? There have been a few reprieves where I thought I’d/we’d cracked it but as soon as my body and mind got used to a full nights sleep something would rock the boat. Sometimes I’ve had no idea what this something was but it has been a intensely frustrating and sleepy time.

It’s amazing how much lack of sleep affects you. (I guess it’s not really considering some countries use it as a form of torture.) I get irritated quickly. I get angry quickly. I panic easily and I just can’t seem to lead a normal life where things get done on time or completed at all. The NHS even states that…

Regular poor sleep puts you at risk of serious medical conditions including obesity, heart disease and diabetes – and it shortens your life expectancy.”

Perfect! It is a horrible state to live in and I think I’ve only recently realised just how sleep deprived I am.

After my post a couple of weeks ago I’d nearly come to the conclusion that I would have to bring in external help. A counsellor? A sleep consultant? A cranial osteopath? I wasn’t sure what would work and whether there was any chance of me being able to afford it. After some research I realised that there the answer was probably not and I would just have to work on it myself as best I could.

Until…I followed Jennie Harrison – the Sleep Deprived Mum’s Coach Facebook page. Her posts hit home instantly as they were mainly about toddlers and when I clicked through to her website it sounded like she’d been watching my bedtime battles for a good couple of years! She had been through it all and had apparently worked out why toddlers resist sleep and how to counteract the reasons for them doing so whilst also managing to help calm mum down too. After messaging her and finding out a bit more (no crying it out, no ‘sleep training’ per se) I signed up and my eight week programme starts today.

I am looking forward to getting stuck in and to hopefully become a more coherent, patient mummy and person in general as we work on the reasons behind Charlotte’s sleep issues. I just filled in her questionnaire and I think she’s got a big job on her hands with us. I think I ticked all the boxes she gave us!

When did your sleep difficulties start? – From birth – check!
Did you have a difficult birth – check! Have you or do you suffer with PND, stress and anxiety – check!

We shall see how it goes but I am optimistic and willing to try anything. Wish us all luck and I’ll keep you posted!

Bank holiday blues.

It’s bank holiday Monday today so when my alarm went off at 6.15am I leisurely rolled over turned it off and inwardly did a little fist pump because I didn’t have to get up. My daughter had other ideas though. 6.34am she strolled in telling me that it was raining and so started her outer monologue for the next 10 hours.

This is a guess. It is only 8.32am and I am already pooped. We have played dolls, shops, I have ‘eaten’ endless plastic play food in the oddest combinations and we have both taken out the dog and splashed in the puddles.

We have done all of this in our pyjamas, I have not yet put my contacts in which means I still feel like I’m half asleep and I am clutching for dear life to the largest mug of coffee you can imagine. It is tepid but this is the normal temperature nowadays and I have learnt to tolerate it.

As it is grey, drizzly and fairly depressing, all plans of venturing out today have stalled so I’m wondering if I can make tidying and cleaning into a day long game? After Charlotte came back with not one, but two certificates for ‘good tidying up’ over the past month from nursery I’m thinking she has a few tricks to teach me!