What lurks beneath…

Well I got most if the way through my decorating project, although despite being able to move my wardrobe out from the wall (eventually), I can now not move it back. I keep finding spots of paints on my person and feel like I’m high from the fumes when I walk into the room because it’s too cold to have the windows open all the time (stupidly I didn’t choose one of the low fumes brands).


But despite the fact it’s not quite done I’m proud of myself for getting on and doing it. I am one if the biggest procrastinators I know so getting started was a challenge. It is also lovely to have a bedroom that feels like it is mine and has no history. It is fresh and bright which is how I’m starting to feel again.

Obviously, before the painting comes the big sort out has to happen which has been cathartic in itself but I have come across so much stuff that I have no idea what to do with. What is the protocol when it comes to canvases of your wedding pictures that you used to have over your bed? Do you chuck it? Do you hide it away? Do you ask if your ex wants it? All of these options feel weird. It’s not like it’s ever going to be displayed again but tossing it in the trash seems harsh in someway. A photo album of wedding pics can easily be stashed on a book shelf only to be looked at periodically but an A3 size canvas??

I have also come across and amazing selection of crap from under my bed and a wide selection of make up and hair accessories I had forgotten I had! I’m not going to mention the dust behind the bed or someone will dob me into Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners and I’ll have some crazy, neurotic bleach freak knocking on my door. Everything in moderation I say…and on that note I think I deserve a glass if wine! Cheers!



A fresh coat.

I think my ex has had some sort of ‘episode’ which has changed him. I would be worried and flag it to the professionals but, after being open to discussing his issues with the divorce (which, apparently, after all the faffing and stressing me out and expense…he doesn’t really have any) and offering to have Charlotte from this evening (Thursday) until Sunday rather than the usual paltry 27 hours over the (alternate) weekend. I am more than happy for this personality change to continue!

So I have a full three days sans child this weekend and I have no idea what to do with it. It’s getting near the end of the month so any money I did have has diminished which rules out jetting off to Barcelona or anything, but maybe I should finally get round to decorating my house? Maybe a bit over zealous – let’s just start with the bedroom first. I’ve only been talking about it for the past nine months!

This does however mean I have to choose a colour which generally takes me longer than painting the walls themselves. Duck egg, primrose yellow, meadow green…? The choices!! So wish me luck and if you hear an almighty crash from the midlands area I’ve just fallen off my step ladder and I’m drowning in paint – please send help…and a painter and decorator!