10 reasons why having a messy car is a good thing.

A few weeks ago Charlotte and I went on a trip down to Devon to visit some friends. She said she had a tummy ache the night before but, unfortunately, because of her Coeliac Disease this can be a common occurrence so I have to say I kissed her goodnight and hoped it would go away by the morning.


It didn’t, she woke saying she was feeling sick, but, yet again I dismissed it especially as she ate a tub of yoghurt! So I gave her some calpol and packed her in the car along with our luggage.

It started so well…

25 miles from home on a bypass with no lay-bys she began complaining of feeling sick again so I just said we’d stop for some food soon and she was probably hungry. Turns out she wasn’t hungry, she was actually sick and proceeded to vomit over herself and my car.


After driving another 4 miles before finding a lay-by, I pulled in and ran around to her side of the car. It was a massacre, she’d covered everything so I looked around for anything that could help me and, because I’m a lazy, messy mum and my car is an outpost of my kitchen, bathroom cabinet, wardrobe and toy cupboard combined I found everything I needed.


Multi suface cleaner wipes for the chair and car seat. Check.


Half a bottle of water for Charlotte to wash her mouth out with. Check.


Tesco carrier bag to put all contaminated items in. Check.


Change of clothes for her. Check.


Raincoat for me as it was also pissing it down. Check.

My ingenious homemade sick bucket…craft bloggers will be quaking in their boots! 
This life event made me realise that actually a messy car isn’t so bad.  Yes, it can be embarrassing when you get tricked into having to give a non-parent a lift somewhere but I also came up with 10 reasons it’s actually essential that your car is messy.


  1. You will always have baby wipes somewhere in the car. This can clean sticky fingers, sticky faces, sticky dashboards, sticky steering wheels (hey, I’m not one to judge!)
  2. You can fashion a miniature sick bucket for a miniature human being because once bitten, twice shy.
  3. You will always have reading material. That time when you’re stuck on the M5, everyone’s turned their engines off and your phone battery dies. What’s better than Biff and Chips ‘Sit me up’ or an old cereal box that was an art project from nursery.
  4. You will also always have something to eat. Granted it may have been on the floor under the seat for an undetermined amount of time but, if it ever gets to the point where you’re contemplating a Bear Grylls type survival technique, fear not. That half pack of Wotsits will keep you alive for at least another half hour.
  5. You will always have a coat. It may not be for the right season or go with what you’re wearing but it’s another layer so stop whinging.
  6. Your child will also have a spare set of clothes should you need them. Maybe a ‘hold on, we’re just near the services’ accident, or a ‘just take a little sip and then put the lid back on’ accident…whichever you will definitely be able to change them. Ok, the tights might be a bit small but no one will know under the Tangled fancy dress outfit.
  7. And speaking of fancy dress outfits you will never be caught short at nursery’s Pirates and Princesses days that you heard nothing about until that morning. That blunt eyeliner rolling around your footwell is perfect to draw a couple of scars and an eyepatch! Voila!
  8. About to send your car for an MOT and realise you don’t have any windscreen wash? Rather than being charged ¬£5 for them to fill it up for you so it passes just empty all the half drunk bottles of Evian into the water tank in the lay-by before you get to the garage (and then use a baby wipe to clean your hands).
  9. If you can’t stand to hear ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ one more time then have a feel down the side of your seat and you will definitely be able to find a CBeebies CD or a Greatest Hits of Bonnie Tyler CD there. Pick whichever will make your ears bleed least.
  10. Hair not quite sitting the way you want this morning? Dig down the back of the passenger seat and there will definitely be two Peppa Pig hair clips and, if you’re lucky, a headband with fluorescent pigtails protruding from the top. New look, sorted.


You’re welcome people!

Have I missed anything off? Let me know what you have found in your footwell recently in the comments below!

A long weekend

Sorry for the missing post this week (or did you even notice that there’s some vague routine with my posts?). It has been one busy week and I have been feeling a bit rough as well thanks to the wonderful annual lurgy and the fact that Charlotte seems to have given up on the ‘going to bed at a reasonable hour and staying asleep until a reasonable hour’ routine we’d carved out for ourselves. So much for rest and sleep being the best thing for an illness.

This weekend had also been booked in for a trip down to the south west to see my (younger) brother’s and fianc√©’s new house. A lovely 1930’s, semi detached house in the suburbs with a drive and manageable garden – Me, Jealous? No way!

Despite the slightly green eyes, it was great to see them and my other (even younger) brother and girlfriend came up to join in the reunion to. However – it just make me realise/remember how f**king easy those without children have it! On a weekend there is no rush to do ANYTHING. Shower, change, sort breakfast, get up in the first place, get out to do something, plan what to do for the next five hours…no rush at all! When you have a three year old in tow this type of nonchalance just doesn’t cut it and so I spent most of my weekend trying to calm a hyper child, keep a tired child going ‘just a few more minutes’ (read another 45 minutes at the earliest!) until the next activity or get a child to sleep when a brother has just relentlessly tickled the child and put an 15 rated film on tv which, of course, looks way more exciting than the Peppa Pig ReadyBed waiting for her in the other room.

Add the most irritating tickly cough and earache, a fruitless shopping trip to a busy city shopping mall and a grumpy, monosyllabic girlfriend of youngest brother and all in all it was quite a hard work weekend.

It was, however, just amazing to see how much my daughter loves her uncle and aunty and how much she has obviously missed them since they’ve moved away (I’m pretty sure it’s a two way thing actually). I am also a very lucky sister to have two brothers who I get on so well with and who are such good, positive male role models to Charlotte.

So, I have now arrived home after a wet and rainy two hour drive home in the dark and now I have to gear up for work and nursery tomorrow which involves ironing and sandwich making. And apparently my forward planning of putting Charlotte in her pyjamas before the drive home so I could pick her sleeping body up out of the car and transfer her to her bed with the least amount of fuss went unnoticed as she decided to wake up as soon as the engine turned off and is now being distracted with a quiet Disney DVD in the hope she’ll go back down as soon as possible. If she doesn’t drop off soon I may get there first!!

Night all. Good luck for the joy that is Monday!