Back again.

Well I definitely spoke to soon in my last post because, despite Charlotte being discharged from hospital that night, we were then in again twice over last week with a stay over where Charlotte got the luxurious hospital bed with extra leg room and I got the fold out chair which was four inches too short and about as comfortable as lying on the concrete floor of my new house.

Me sneaking a go on the comfy bed.
Me sneaking a go on the comfy bed.
Charlotte showing off that she had the comfy bed.
Charlotte showing off that she had the comfy bed.

But we/the doctors and nurses have eventually found the route cause (a nasty urine infection) and neon yellow, banana flavoured medicine is hopefully putting it all to rights. I’m also hoping this magic liquid will cure the OTT tantrums we’ve been having recently.

I thought threenager was the end of it but we’re a week and a half away from her fourth birthday and I’m slightly worried there’s something worse looming over the hill.

I’m also blaming the house move, the fact her best friend has now left nursery to go to big school, the slight change in childcare arrangements recently and the illness and Lord do I hope it’s just those things! They will hopefully settle down, but for now I am trying to deal with the mega-strops that are occurring on a daily basis.  I am dealing with them mainly by upping my alcohol consumption once she’s gone to bed!!

Any insight from parents that have passed the four year marker? Please tell me it’s all sweetness and light from here on in, pretty please?

One year old! 

 I realised this weekend that I entirely missed my blog’s one year anniversary or ‘blogiversary’ which I’m now making a word if it isn’t already one! Unfortunately I haven’t had chance to properly celebrate as I have been blitzing my flat in readiness for new carpets but, I have managed a piece of cake or two so that’ll do.

The fact that I’ve kept at something and have actually enjoyed writing  for a whole year is something that I’m pretty damn proud of myself for to be honest. Ask my parents and ex-bosses and they’ll tell you I’m all about starting a project but get slightly bored towards the end so it’s actually quite a miracle!

I’m also amazed, having read back at my first couple of posts, how much I’ve changed and how much my life’s changed since I started writing. I am much more stable (emotionally and financially) and so much less sleep deprived!  I feel like a new woman!  I’ve even managed to get a new job so far this year and will be moving into an actual grown up house with a garden, a drive and even a bloody pantry in the next couple of months, so I’m definitely on track for a good rest of the year.

However, the most amazing thing about reaching this milestone is that people are actually reading my thoughts and I’ve made some lovely friends and discovered some other fantastic blogs from mummies around the world because of it.

So next year I have a lot planned for this blog. Maybe a giveaway or two? Maybe my very own domain name? Maybe a logo?  Maybe a blogging conference? Maybe a linky if I can work out what they actually are?  Definitely more of my thoughts and musings though if that’s ok? 

So happy birthday to theperfectjuggler. Long may my enthusiasm and love for writing for you all continue. 

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