Four whole years

Charlotte’s birthday has come around again and today she turned four.  I am absolutely beside myself that my little girl is not little anymore! In fact she’s seems older with every day. She recently learnt the art of negotiation, she has developed some amazing dance skills and she had her haircut adding at least two years on.  

from one to four
 I booked the day off work a long time ago but Charlotte preferred to go to nursery to spend her day with her friends (I know, it’s like she’s a teenager already!). They ate cake and played pass the parcel, all whilst I was in our new house stripping walls.  Fun fun! 

After last years birthday I seemed to have gone entirely the other way and done as little as possible effort wise to celebrate. This year I bought the cake from Asda. This year there is no crazy hall hired with 20 loud kids arriving and there is not a large family gathering but, despite me saying this is what I’d do and having no time to do anything more extravagant I kind of regret it a little bit. Our weekend is filled with birthday parties but none are hers which also makes me feel bad. 

But, she has got some lovely presents (including Sylvanian Families and Lego which I am very excited by!), has already seen all her friends from nursery, we had a birthday tea with friends (because they are way more organised than me!) and we get to spend this weekend together.  

6.30am wake up!
 This time next year she’ll be off to school so I should be grateful we’re not going through that crazy change too I guess. It does mean nursery and I have our hands full this year though.  Eeek! 

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One year old!ย 

 I realised this weekend that I entirely missed my blog’s one year anniversary or ‘blogiversary’ which I’m now making a word if it isn’t already one! Unfortunately I haven’t had chance to properly celebrate as I have been blitzing my flat in readiness for new carpets but, I have managed a piece of cake or two so that’ll do.

The fact that I’ve kept at something and have actually enjoyed writing  for a whole year is something that I’m pretty damn proud of myself for to be honest. Ask my parents and ex-bosses and they’ll tell you I’m all about starting a project but get slightly bored towards the end so it’s actually quite a miracle!

I’m also amazed, having read back at my first couple of posts, how much I’ve changed and how much my life’s changed since I started writing. I am much more stable (emotionally and financially) and so much less sleep deprived!  I feel like a new woman!  I’ve even managed to get a new job so far this year and will be moving into an actual grown up house with a garden, a drive and even a bloody pantry in the next couple of months, so I’m definitely on track for a good rest of the year.

However, the most amazing thing about reaching this milestone is that people are actually reading my thoughts and I’ve made some lovely friends and discovered some other fantastic blogs from mummies around the world because of it.

So next year I have a lot planned for this blog. Maybe a giveaway or two? Maybe my very own domain name? Maybe a logo?  Maybe a blogging conference? Maybe a linky if I can work out what they actually are?  Definitely more of my thoughts and musings though if that’s ok? 

So happy birthday to theperfectjuggler. Long may my enthusiasm and love for writing for you all continue. 

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Too old to drink.

I can’t drink anymore. Two weeks after my 31st birthday and I definitely can no longer cope with late nights and lots of alcohol.  The night was great, just the aftermath…not so much.

We saw a band in a bar who played all the best 90’s and 00’s hits.  Think TLC- Waterfalls and Beyonce’s Work It Out. The bar had no white wine and only one bottle of prosecco but it got us in the mood. 

 We tried to find a club and realised we were in totally the wrong part of the city. 

We stopped for a drink in a Hawaiian themed club but after spying at least three hen do’s quickly moved on. 

We visited the most cheesy club you could ever possibly imagine called PopWorld.  It had no air-conditioning, the floor was sticky, the clientele looked like extras from ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ but the drinks were cheap and the music was cheesy so, like the sensible ladies we are, we decided to drink until it got fun and I couldn’t feel my feet hurting (breaking in your new, nude stilettos is not a great idea for these type of nights out apparently) 

Two double gin and tonics and we were getting there. We had a little dance and also managed to find the only working (albeit intermittently) air con unit, we were happy! 

Somehow in the midst of this I also managed to pull a guy. He was hot, his name was Sam, he was 28 so we snogged.  Apparently the G&T’s had lowered my age as well as my inhibitions!  It was a proper snog – hilarious!

We swapped numbers but the next time I saw his phone it was being hurled into the road I was standing next to and a woman in Doc Martins was stamping on it! She’d pissed him off so he threw her bag somewhere, then she threw his phone into the road and stamped on it. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be getting a call back from him. 
 So another club, indelible ink stamped on my hand, a packed dance floor, some more drinks and it was definitely home time. 4am, we’d stayed out till 4am!  

 We snuck in so as not to wake Rachel’s fiancรฉ (we found out later we failed royally), we got changed, took our make up off and went to bed. I couldn’t possibly comment whether I was sick in Rachel’s sink before actually falling asleep or not. 

I woke up at 10.30am, which on any other day I would be so excited by as I haven’t had a lie in till then for years, but I felt rough. ROUGH. Get up and be sick, then go to sleep again – rough. I normally have a fairly cast iron stomach but apparently not anymore. 

All my hangover cures failed. Full fat coke – nope. Toast and butter – nope. Rachel even cooked me her fail safe Mac and Cheese but one bite and I knew it wasn’t going to work! 

So after a delicate drive home and a MacDonald’s on the way I came to the conclusion I am now old. Thank goodness for Bank Holiday weekends were me and my feet can have two days to recover, scrub off the sharpie from my hand and visit a friends farm and eat cake with Charlotte.    

Hope you all had a good one! 


Today is my best friends birthday. I know that term sounds a bit juvenile but it is the only way I could ever possibly describe her. We worked out not long ago that we have known each other for 17 years. Frizzy hair, glasses, Spice Girl platform trainers, shiny Warehouse tops, braces, track suit bottoms with poppers down the side…we were a gorgeous pair (and luckily have no photos of this era!) Thankfully we have developed and blossomed during those 17 years!

We have been through exams, holidays, evil parents, crushes (of which we collectively had many, but never the same person), first loves, first *ahem* other things, my first day at uni after my boyfriend had split up with me the day before and first escapades abroad.
She was the first person I called when I got engaged. She was my one and only bridesmaid at my wedding because that was all I needed. She drove to and from her home, one and half hours away, the day I had given birth to Charlotte so she could see her before she went away for a few weeks. She was also the first person I called when I finally made the decision I couldn’t be with my ex any longer and she dropped everything so she could be with me. She didn’t even get embarrassed when I poured out my heart and cried in a pub that weekend.

We can talk about pretty much everything, although I’m rubbish at telling anyone what I’m feeling (ironic as I write a blog and happily spill the beans to all you guys!). And despite the many dubious decisions I have made over our time as best friends – mostly boy or fashion related – she has never said “I told you so” (even though she did), she has just offered a sympathetic ear, an escape route, a brilliant perspective on the situation or if all else fails…wine and cheese.

She is getting married this year and I absolutely, positively can’t wait to be at her side (or slightly behind her) as I get to be her bridesmaid and, if and when, babies come along I hope they love me as much as I know Charlotte loves her.


Happy birthday Rachel. Thank you for everything and here’s to a lifetime of dubious decisions, sleepovers and loads and loads of wine and cheese. Xxx