IMG_3456.JPGI’m writing this whilst sitting on some lush green grass in my nearby park whilst throwing the ball for the dog who has finally learnt to bring it back to me rather than leave it three yards away from me. It’s only taken seven years!

I’m listening to Taylor Swift (because I’m cool like that) and the sun is shining with a gentle breeze blowing across me.

I have a day off, Charlotte is at nursery and it is bliss.

Do I feel bad that I’m not spending my day off with my daughter? A little, but sometimes I need this. I just need some quiet time to retain the precarious balancing act that is my life.

It is also not going to be a quiet weekend as it’s my BFFs hen do. Devon on the first weekend that school break up should make for a ‘fun’ trip down south but I cannot wait to send off Rachel’s single days in style! Maybe this time I’ll even get the hang of surfing!

So grass skirt, sun cream, lewd stories and lots of booze here we come!


One thought on “Lush

  1. Never feel guilty about having time for yourself. We all need it and I think it makes us better mums if we have it. Have a great weekend! x

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